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Mike Brookes and Mike Pearson co-founded the performance collective 'Pearson/Brookes' in 1997, establishing their collaboration through an initial series of performance works both conceived and realised as propositional 'duets'. 'Pearson/Brookes' represents their on-going long term collaboration, their collective proposals, and the performance works they produce - works generally perceived to have pioneered located, mediated and multi-site performance practices - constituting performance as social enquiry and action rather than simply artistic reflection.

"...[Pearson and Brookes] have gained a reputation as two of the most adventurous theatremakers in Britain, bringing to life ideas that are part performance, part theatre, part land art, part multimedia event and part uncategorisable..." - The Guardian

Since 1997 Brookes and Pearson have co-created and produced notable and influential works, at a range of scales, within an international context. These works include:

'dead men's shoes' [1997], 'the first five miles' [1998], 'the man who ate his boots' [1998], 'body of evidence' [1998], 'works of progress' [1999], 'but it will turn out wrong' [2000], 'like a pelican in the wilderness' [2000], 'carrying Lyn' [2001], 'polis' [2001], 'metropolitan motions' [2002],' rain dogs' [2002],' who are you looking at' [2004], 'there's someone in the house' [2005], 'saints' [2005],'Welsh landscape' [2008], and 'something happening / something happening nearby' [2008]. In 2010 they realised their award winning production of 'the persians', located within the landscape of a Ministry of Defence training range in the Brecon Beacons, commissioned for the inaugural season of National Theatre Wales. Most recently co-creating their large scale theatre work 'Coriolan/us', commissioned jointly by the Royal Shakespeare Company and National Theatre Wales, for the 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

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